Thursday, January 24

New clothes

Cream shirt, Uniqlo, £14.90
Black & white Breton, H&M, £7.99
Shift dress, Gap via charity shop, £2.50
Woolly cardigan, Mango via charity shop, £2.00
Cable knit scarf, Uniqlo, £7.90
Grey cords, H&M, £7.00

Some high street buys & some charity shop buys. Charity shopping is infinitely more satisfying because if you find one lovely item amongst rails of tat, you appreciate that item so much more.

I'm trying to make my wardrobe grow up a little - classic pieces, simple colours, simple cuts. Not giving up the Breton stripes though.

Now the purse needs to go away until spring is here and I can buy summer dresses galore...


  1. Lovely illustrations! I really enjoy drawing the more 'normal' parts of daily life like this, makes it even more interesting!
    I too could never give up the breton stripe, I think it's a classic in it's own right :)
    - Charlotte x

  2. Oh these are just beautiful. the grey cords are sweet. I'm a massive fan of the striped tee too. I wear mine constantly. I really need to buy some more!

  3. Breton stripes are quite grown up, aren't they? I hope so, because they are my staple wardrobe item. Beautiful art, by the way. xxx

  4. It's at this time of year I start getting itchy for spring clothes and fewer layers. Then come the end of August-early September, I want to get the woolies on.

    Brilliant charity shop finds. I always love a bargain! x

  5. Your blog is so pretty. So happy to have stumbled across it, it's quite hard finding art blogs :)

  6. Oh I really love this! I'm currently going through a dilemma of 'am I now too old to wear this?!' but don't want to look drab and boring, awkward age! I did sort out my drawers the other day and most of my tops are breton ones though, so its all good! :)

  7. these are so lovely and charming Kate. I love your illustrations. And don't ever do away with the breton stripes - they are the epitome of classic style (in my opinion anyway!).

    PS sorry if I sent this comment twice - it wouldn't send for ages so now I'm not sure if I've sent it a few times. Eek!