Thursday, January 19

Illustration fun: my personal coat of arms

I'm currently in the process of putting together an art portfolio which means looking through all my pieces, so I thought I'd share the odd one with you. This piece may or may not make the cut! It's a final piece from a short illustration project I did on an evening course last autumn.

The brief was to create an A1 black ink illustration of your 'personal coat of arms' including specific things like your hometown, your motto, etc. It was really good fun and I can see why illustration is such a popular degree choice!

On the central crest of my coat of arms I drew an image of fields and the Irish flag which represent my heritage/parents (my mum grew up on a farm in Devon and my dad is Irish). Then there's a camera, because I like photography, and lots of umbrellas which symbolise my rainy hometown of London. The crest is shaped like a house because I'm quite homely.

We had to pick what animal we would be. I went for a cat: curious, occasionally affectionate and enjoys napping in the sun. There are lots of leaves and twisting vines - my love for nature and being outdoors - intercepted by the odd cake or Granny Smith apple. At the top are two hands holding a pencil and a wooden spoon.

My motto (sewn into a thick woolly scarf!) is 'Bright Side' because a) I'm an optimist and b) my all time favourite song is Mr Brightside by The Killers.

Although my final piece was by no means perfect (we did only have two classes to complete it in), this project felt like all fun and no work! What would you put on your coat of arms?


  1. I love hearing about what all the little bits mean, and as soon as I saw the word Brightside I was singing along in my head! It came on in the car the other day, I was singing my head off and it made me think of you because I know you love the Killers! Is the portfolio for anything in particular? Are you going to study art at uni? xxx

  2. This is perfect! Also love how everything has a meaning :) xxx

  3. I love this, and hearing all the reasons behind it, it's definitely a personal piece :) I was also kinda singing along haha, that song reminds me so much of Uni.. I would definitely have some cats on mine too.. xx

  4. Ohhhh this is so perfect! You're such a talented artist! <3 I love how it's so personal to you and your heritage.

    Thank you for your sweet words on my umm future post hehe. Aww man i feel you with the two gap years O_O I hate the UCAS torture machine :( we should get some sort of discount for the amount of money we've collectively paid to UCAS for 'admin' fees O_O! The future is hard :( haha. xxxxxxxxx

  5. That's such a fun idea for a illustration project! And I love how yours turned out :) Lovely!!

  6. major love for the killers ref! you are super talented lady! x

  7. I was scrolling through loads of blogs today, yours stands out as one of the best, i genuinely loved reading it :] Your photography is amazing too! Just thought I would let you know, keep it up cause i'll be subscribing! x