Thursday, July 25

Florence III: green spaces

there's not much green space in Florence (boo) but that just makes it all the sweeter when you come across some.

a little rose garden, so unassuming it could just be your neighbour's backyard, sits just below the piazza michelangelo, overlooking Florence to the north. there are lots of colours and not many people. it's calm.

and there are the Boboli gardens, sadly a little dilapidated, but this kind of adds to their charm. the dark heavy tree-lined pathways full of magic, crumbly statues dressed in weeds and vines, pathways leading to nowhere. a bank of wildflowers. the old rococo Kaffeehaus affords excellent views over the city.

Thursday, July 4

a little explanation

i haven't really been so active on here recently - i got stuck in a blogging rut then i realised that i am not a 'blogger' - i just record bits and pieces as i go along.

when i started this blog i was in a bit of an insecure place, leaving the school bubble which i'd been totally immersed in for most of my life. i knew what i liked and didn't like, but i didn't know who i was, or where i was going with my life. i was intent on bedding down and making a nest at home, because i didn't understand this insecurity and i didn't trust it.
it's taken a while, a lot of anxious days and evenings, a lot of fears and bad habits to conquer, but now i'm a bit older i feel like things have shifted on a bit. my perspective has shifted. i'm ready for new things.

it's so wonderful that you all like to read this blog, i am truly flattered and your comments mean a lot to me. however i post here primarily for myself, which is perhaps a bit selfish, but it's my record of things that have passed.

so this is really just to say that i am here, and i will post, but it won't be regularly. there won't be giveaways, or anything like that. it will just be me, possing narcissistically about my life, using photographs and drawings and words.

if you're reading this and you continue reading, then i'm happy, and if not, it's ok. my blog (and my twitter, and my tumblr) has put me in touch with lovely people, inspirational people, and people who just have a similar outlook on life (and like the same things as i do). my blog has acted as my scrapbook for the last few years. and those two things are, for me, what blogging is about.