Sunday, May 29

joyeaux anniversaire!

Last Tuesday was my birthday (and also the birthday of the wonderful Gem) and despite being super tired I had a lovely day.
Lunch at Carluccios, a (really long) walk featuring sweet fawns and ducklings, sunshine, pink, cupcakes, strawberries, flowers and candles. All rounded off with the best birthday supper of my favourite kinds of food.



1. May is so beautiful - 2. Fawns up close; the patterns on their fur are gorgeous - 3. Timid fawns waiting to cross the road! - 4. Going gooey over ducklings - 5. Azaleas in bloom - 6. Birthday post I - 7. Flowers from my parents - 8. Some of my favourite food - 9. Delicious strawberry cupcakes baked by Monica - 10. Birthday post II - 11. I don't really like birthday cake, so I got a Carluccios chocolate frosted cupcake all to myself! - 12. Cupcake didn't last long...all gone now!

Unfortunately by Tuesday evening I'd burnt out a bit and took an uncharacteristic sleep on the sofa, followed with two days spent mostly in bed feeling rubbish.
But I'm back on my feet now (despite having to stop five times during my usual Sunday 5k run this morning) and armed with medicine, chai tea and a determination to get through these last two weeks before my summer begins. Normal service will be resumed after the 10th June. I can't wait. I can almost taste it.

P.S. my mum's wonderful taste in wrapping paper:

Saturday, May 14

one day off


Busy busy busy, with work, with studying, with writing, with life. Savouring the precious few days when the shrill beeping of the alarm clock isn't dragging me out of bed with its teeth. Savouring the sun slowly opening up my bedroom to a new day, savouring the slow lazy morning stretch followed by the slow lazy morning.

A run, a hot shower, a boiled egg, toast. We read recipes, write lists of ingredients, drive to town in jeans and sunglasses. The Killers on the radio, a sign the day is good. There's a familar charity shop on the high street with a new sign that reads discount; inside are rails bulging with bargains. An armful of clothes soon materialises. Spinning about in the fitting room trying on dresses, turning circles, examining seams, swing music gambolling along in the background. I find a polka dot number, something gypsy white, two jumpers, a cardigan, a bag.

Then there are more shops. Oh Comely magazine, Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries, oh so mouthwatering. As mouthwatering as the bakery-come-cafe we gaze into, lured momentarily by the fresh bread and chickpea soups and quiches. The clock's stretching past three though, lunch has passed, so we settle for coffee and Victoria sponge before the afternoon has ended.

One flat white, one cappucino. Conversation, The Times and more lists. Afternoon sunshine coming and going through the windows, sweeping across tables, lingering briefly on faces and shoulders and hands.

P.S. thumbs up for the vintage Laura Ashley duvet cover?

Sunday, May 1

happy may day!

Being a May baby I'm very fond of this month. Despite the fact it often coincides with exams and other rubbish, to me May (and June) are the true summer months. The sun shines, the weather's warm, the greenery is looking its best and all the flowers and crop are coming into bloom. Bees, butterflies, barbeques - it feels like everything is buzzing and brimming with life.

That's the old lady part of the post done. But seriously, I can't wait until I've finished education and no longer have to surrender the precious month of May to revision. I hate missing the sun shine!

May Day marks the end of winter and the beginning of summer. Girls are supposed to wash their faces in the early morning dew of the first of May to ensure beautiful skin for the rest of the year! Then of course there's the traditional dancing round the May pole which always reminds me of that beautiful scene from Tess and the d'Urbervilles when Tess and Angel first meet.

I didn't dance round a May pole this year, but I did wear a flower garland in my hair earlier, to show my enthusiasm for the beginning of summer (I won't hasten to add that the garland wasn't made from real flowers but bought from Primark)!