Wednesday, February 29

Recent deliciousness

Here are a couple of things I have managed to bake and photograph before it gets dark! (Although I'm loving the steadily lighter evenings and the fact it's March tomorrow!)

I made muffins using a Paul Hollywood (of bake-off fame) recipe and substituting the blueberries for chocolate chips. I'm on the hunt for the best basic muffin recipe - mine never turn out quite like the ones you get in coffee shops and bakeries.
This one was probably the best so far. Instead of the usual muffin method (preparing the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet in another, then roughly mixing together) this recipe used a cake-like method - creaming butter and sugar, adding eggs, etc. The muffins had a nice "crumb" and used easy store cupboard ingredients. My only criticism is that there was definitely nowhere near enough batter for TWELVE muffins - I only made eleven, and they were much smaller than I would've liked. Mary Berry wouldn't be impressed, Paul!

I also made some rock cakes from a lovely recipe book - the National Trust Teatime Baking Book - which I picked up for £4 from WHSmith! It's crammed with so many delicious and classic English recipes - scones, Chelsea buns, Easter biscuits, apple cake, fat rascals... One of those recipe books you read through and think, "right, sod it, I'm becoming a fatty, cake for breakfast!" Anyway these rock cakes, made with wholewheat flour and soft brown sugar, turned out truly delicious (although personally I think 2 tsp mixed spice is a bit much).

I'll end with some daffodils because at this time of year I think daffodils should be everywhere. Oh hurry up spring! Morning sunshine through kitchen windows, gingham tablecloths, fresh cut flowers on the table, poached egg on toast, sixties music on the radio...


  1. Ohh those muffins look so delicious! And you make spring time sound so dreamy, gingham cloths, fresh flowers - yes please! xxx

  2. Oh wow, do you mind popping round to mine and cooking these for me... for the rest of my life? :P I've eaten cheesecake for breakfast many times, especially when I was younger. I remember the once just devouring a whole on while I watched saturday morning kids tv! I've really got to try and make those chocolate chip muffins though, they would be great just to pop in your bag and take for lunches throughout the week.

  3. Noms all of this look scrumptious. I love dafs don't they just shout spring!!!
    Katie x

  4. these look sooo delicious! I'm hungry now xD xx

  5. I definitely want to live in a house full of gingham tablecloths, muffins baking in the oven, daffodils on the table, sixties music on the radio and poached eggs on toast! I do love Spring so much. All your baking looks so yummy - love the sound of the teatime baking book!