Saturday, April 21

Just a moment in... April

Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee. Honestly one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read. Lovely, funny descriptions of country life.

Listening to...
(I always listen to the same music, it never really changes...) Bob Dylan, Noah and the Whale, Michael Kiwanuka

Nurse Jackie season 3 boxset (a brilliant, underrated show), Homeland (starting to lose interest...) and Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys (he is my embarrassing crush). But there's hardly anything good on telly at the moment.

My provisional driving license. Eek.

The rain, controversially. It's made everything look so much healthier, and I forgot how much I missed the smell and sound of it.
Also: all the flowers that are starting to come out, the Easter chocolate we've still got lurking in the cupboards, and that fizzy elderflower drink you can find in Sainsburys for something ridiculous like 50p!


  1. Michael Portillo, totally understand, don't like his politics but seems like a really nice person, hehe. Smell of rain love it! Always so nice and fresh.

    1. Oh lord, just to clarify, I'm definitely not into his politics either - which makes it even more embarrassing! not to mention the pink shirts!

  2. I must read Cider with Rosie, since it's the name of my blog! Unfortunately it has to go to the bottom of a very long list of books I need to read for uni next year, sobsob!

    Really liking your blog, think it's just become my new favourite!