Tuesday, August 14

Apples & lavender

We have a gnarled, ancient dwarf apple tree next to a long clump of lavender and I can't get over how nice the two look together when they're both in bloom. The plumpest red and green apples bending branches so low they skim the grass, against a backdrop of purple lavender brimming with honey bees and bumble bees.

(I sound like an old lady.)

The apple harvest is going on and on this year, every evening we come in from the garden with a few more handfuls. There are more apples than we can store or eat, more than we know what to do with. I already have plans for apple and blackberry kuchen (a Nigella Lawson recipe found here), apple pies, crumbles, stewed apples with yoghurt for breakfast, baked apples... Apparently the blackberry crop this year is going to be huge too - go for a ramble and you're bound to find some, even in the most un-rural of towns. I still can't believe people actually buy those expensive punnets of blackberries from the supermarkets when you can fill up a few Tupperwares for free!

I planted some wheat just for fun in the spring and it's finally gone tall and swishy and gold. Reminds me of going for walks across fields in Devon and Cornwall - which is where I'll be this time next week, at last! I'm in desperate need of a change of scene. Fingers crossed there's not too much rain.


  1. Ohh these are dreamy! Lavender is one of my favourites <3 <3 I made a lavender and rose face toner recently, it smells glorious!! I love creeping on your life hehe- you post the best garden pictures!

    Ouii oui i totally agree with you, if i venture even half a mile into the cheshire countryside there are a billion blackberry bushes ripe for the picking (and eating and staining your white clothes heh)!! xoxoxo

  2. I came across your blog via Paperbagblog and am in love with your photographs. I'll be adding you to my blogroll girlie =]

  3. Oh blackberries sound scrumptious right about now. I love your photos, so ethereal.


  4. So beautiful! I want to jump right in to those photos and have a nap amongst the lavender. Hope you have a wonderful holiday x

  5. Not an old lady at all. Happy baking and have fun on your holidays.

    Nina x

  6. This is lovely! -Nakita

  7. These photos are so wonderful, I love having lavender in the garden, it's such a beautiful flower. My family goes blackberry picking every year, my mum usually makes jam and we make at least a couple of blackberry brûlées - so delicious. I want to see your apple and blackberry kuchen, it sounds amazing.

    Hope you're having a lovely holiday!