Monday, October 15

Autumnal eating

I love food, and I love it most in autumn.

These are some of my favourite autumnal meals. I could have drawn about a hundred more (risotto, stuffed giant mushrooms, cottage pie, lentil dahl...) but these were the first that sprung to mind.

Lasagne has been a favourite since childhood. Minestrone and chili are the kinds of meals I love cooking on cold rainy autumn evenings, warm wholesome smells fugging up the kitchen. Food that is nourishing, warming and satisfying. Pastry is my vice so I can never resist a pie.
And if you put roast beef, butternut squash, carrots, onions, stock and herbs in a pot and slow cook it for a few hours, you're onto a winner.

This is the kind of drawing I did all through my childhood and teenage years...even aged sixteen lots of my schoolbooks were illustrated with colouring pencil and black ink. My religious studies teacher, who said she looked forward to marking my work because she loved looking at the illustrations, wrote in my leaver's book that I should always "march to the beat of [my] own drum". She probably didn't mean "switch all your direction in life to art because I really liked that illustration you did of the Garden of Eden at the end your essay that time," but it's funny that I've chosen a more artistic route with her advice in mind.

P.S. sorry about the dodgy scanning!


  1. Always love your illustrations, especially love this one as it has a PIE in it! I love pie! I bet it was a great illustration of the garden of Eden... xo

  2. This time of the year is just the best for comfort food and I love all of your choices - minus the meat for me though.

    Nina x

  3. Ohh you've made me hungry! I can never resist a pie, I think chicken and asparagus is probably my faovurite at the moment! Lovely illustrations Kate :)

  4. This is so lovely. Posts like these always make me want to start my own blog, but I know I'll never be able to commit to it! There is nothing better than concocting something in a huge pan on an autumnal evening. Chili is my current speciality! x

  5. You're pictures are adorable.

    And I agree, autumnal food is the greatest.

  6. Love the pie illustration! I love Autumn food the best, so hearty and the simple recipes are always the best x

  7. Love these illustrations! Big fan of autumn food, especially lasagne.