Sunday, August 14

Cardiff, briefly

A long evening drive: followed the sun west as it headed over the horizon and the sky slowly turned from pale puffed-out blue to pinky indigo streaked with nude fire. The sun finally disappeared by the Severn Bridge. Headlights stuttered and lorries pulled past, hushed to smoothness by the sky. 

After testing the waters of Cardiff Parkrun the following morning: visited St Fagan's Museum of Welsh Life, a large open air assembling of Welsh buildings of different eras, from a tiny nineteenth century cottage to a large red farmhouse, a school, and a chapel that's still in use. A walk through Welsh history. These buildings have been deconstructed brick by brick and carefully rebuilt at St Fagan's, so that they are a perfect preservation of older times, even down to the charred smell of Celtic dwellings and the fusty dampness of rural Victorian rooms. In the most recent building, a cottage from 1985, trays of fish and chips sit in front of a hulking black television. 

Entry's free, and it's an essential visit for anybody who loves vintage ephemera, freshly baked bara brith, and pretending to be in a different time, a different life. 

In the evening: dinner on the bay. The air was clear and cool, the area rammed with funfair visitors, pizza-hunters, and girls all dressed up for the evening. 

Before the drive home the following morning: a walk over the river and through the park to a Danish bakery. Resisted the strong temptation to eat all of the pastries; settled for a kanelsnegle (cinnamon snail) and black coffee. I don't need to tell you that it tasted really, really good. 

Drove back over the bridge, the sky teal grey. Remembered the Scandi-noir TV show addiction of the previous winter, and how long ago that seems.

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  1. Absolutely stunning photos, they make Cardiff look so dreamy! It's making me want to go myself so badly. I really admire your writing too, it's so simple yet beautiful!

    Nabeela x