Saturday, March 19

london in the sun

I've been so busy, and yet again I'm going to apologise for my lack of posts.

But as luck would have it, my weekend off has coincided with some absolutely gorgeous weather. Today you'd have found me in chinos and sunglasses, wandering about my favourite haunts in London. 

There's something I love about early sunny mornings in metropolitan cities. It reminds me of summer stays in Paris and Italy; ambling up the street before the day's heat, the smell of coffee and breakfast in the air, waiters laying cafe tables out in the sunshine, people bustling this way and that, cycling, talking, reading newspapers, leisurely welcoming in the new day.

First I went to one of my all-time favourite places - Liberty's. I love the beautiful art prints, the wooden interior, the sound of shoes on the well-worn staircases. I took a stroll along Carnaby St and Kingly St. The brightly coloured buildings looked amazing against the blue sky - as eye-popping as the shades and hues found in all the clothes shops this spring.

I finally purchased the Doc Martens I've been hankering after for ages - have a funny feeling I'm going to be wearing them everyday for about the next year.


After spending too long on Oxford Street, I caught a bus to Trafalgar Square. Although I love the smell and feel of the Underground, I prefer taking buses around the city - that way you get to see all the architecture. I whiled away the rest of the morning in the National Gallery. I should take more advantage of the free admission. It's a brilliant, beautiful place and there's so much to look at. If I stayed in there a week I still wouldn't be ready to leave.

Had a quick look at the Bridget Riley exhibition, but next to the old masters it looks a bit of a joke - her stuff belongs in the Tate Modern. Then I spent a long time with Manet, Monet and Pissarro. Eavesdropped on two American girls having a really interesting conversation about Manet - it was like watching a BBC4 art programme. I love art. I'd love to study it.

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