Sunday, March 20

recent snaps

plum and almond tart - a Sunday treat

geekily excited at the propagator I bought at work for a mere £4! blinding deal!

my favourite new piece of jewellery

history notes. freaking out over this exam.

I have a date with Brandon Flowers. my friend got us tickets. words cannot describe the excitement. it's been a seven year wait.

 since when did my little brother's feet get so big?

a beautiful late sunset as I left work on a cold night

each evening I leave work the sun is a little bit higher in the sky. this is another sunset

spring sightseeing on my walk to work


  1. that last picture is the best! spring is on it's way!!!

  2. I love almond tarts. that one looks yummy. your horse ring is so nice. was it from a shop or is it vintage? wanna get my hands on it :)


  3. ing the lighting in these photos, the tart looks scrummmy.

    Lovely blog ♥

    Helen, X

  4. I am so glad to see someone with the same love for snapping sunset photos! and can I just say your writing is GORGEOUS!! It's seriously an art form to write that beautifully! I'd love to study those notes!


  5. the plum and almond tart looks yummy. what a treat!

  6. Loving all of these snaps! Your sunset photos are lovely, and I would also be very exciting at that bargain propagator!

  7. I love the pic of the shoes, boys shoes are always huge!

  8. you're notes look so immaculately tidy and just generally pretty! Let's just say..mine didn't look a thing like that haha