Sunday, April 24

afternoon tea anyone?

not counting the abnormally hot weather we've had over the last few days, it's that time of year when nothing beats lazing in the garden with a delicious afternoon tea!

you will need: a warm sunny afternoon, the scent of blossoming trees and flowers in the air, freshly brewed tea, sandwiches bursting with flavour, a group of friends (though there's nothing wrong with keeping your afternoon tea ritual to yourself!) and lots and lots of cake. 

I'm going to share two sweet recipes which are both super easy and super yum.


this loaf of deliciousness I first tried a few months ago. it's called derbyshire fruit loaf, and is so ridiculously moreish that you'll probably end up regretting baking it... but so tasty that you'll end up baking it again. I stole the recipe off of my cousin, who baked the one I ate and loved.
by sugar, the recipe means soft brown sugar. also it's best to replace half the marmalade with milk otherwise the loaf can be a bit dry. oh, and it tastes the best when you use homemade marmalade!

next, i'm introducing homemade hot cross buns, courtesy of one of my favourite chefs and writers, nigel slater.

just reading his recipe in sainsbury's magazine makes your mouth water - let alone when you toast one, freshly baked, and dab a bit of butter on it. heavenly!
to find the recipe, make your way to your local sainsburys to buy their magazine - i'm not being paid to say this - it really is worth the money for amazing recipes and gorgeous homey ideas.


how mouth-wateringly beautiful is nigel slater's writing?

"I am fond of a little hot cross bun, all plump and shiny, split, toasted and buttered. You might think that would be simple enough. But in a perfect world that little bun should be speckled with not just dried fruit but mixed peel, it must be round not square and should be buttered with generosity. Most of all, I want my bun to be homemade."

(photos and words © curiosity kate)


  1. Oh wow those Hot cross buns are so gorgeous.. with loads of dripping butter! Num Nom Nom! xx

  2. The home made hot cross buns look so so good! Definitely want to try and make them :) xx

  3. I'm going to make that loaf as a little treat to myself this evening :)