Sunday, May 29

joyeaux anniversaire!

Last Tuesday was my birthday (and also the birthday of the wonderful Gem) and despite being super tired I had a lovely day.
Lunch at Carluccios, a (really long) walk featuring sweet fawns and ducklings, sunshine, pink, cupcakes, strawberries, flowers and candles. All rounded off with the best birthday supper of my favourite kinds of food.



1. May is so beautiful - 2. Fawns up close; the patterns on their fur are gorgeous - 3. Timid fawns waiting to cross the road! - 4. Going gooey over ducklings - 5. Azaleas in bloom - 6. Birthday post I - 7. Flowers from my parents - 8. Some of my favourite food - 9. Delicious strawberry cupcakes baked by Monica - 10. Birthday post II - 11. I don't really like birthday cake, so I got a Carluccios chocolate frosted cupcake all to myself! - 12. Cupcake didn't last long...all gone now!

Unfortunately by Tuesday evening I'd burnt out a bit and took an uncharacteristic sleep on the sofa, followed with two days spent mostly in bed feeling rubbish.
But I'm back on my feet now (despite having to stop five times during my usual Sunday 5k run this morning) and armed with medicine, chai tea and a determination to get through these last two weeks before my summer begins. Normal service will be resumed after the 10th June. I can't wait. I can almost taste it.

P.S. my mum's wonderful taste in wrapping paper:


  1. i love carluccios. glad you had a lovely birthday :)
    jas x

  2. Happy Birthday!!
    Those pictures are wonderful - the deer are so cute! And that cupcake looks so yummmmy! Hope you're feeling much better, take it easy young 'un - your exams will be over soon :) xxx

  3. happy belated birthday! recieving birthday post is one of the best feelings in world <3