Sunday, May 1

happy may day!

Being a May baby I'm very fond of this month. Despite the fact it often coincides with exams and other rubbish, to me May (and June) are the true summer months. The sun shines, the weather's warm, the greenery is looking its best and all the flowers and crop are coming into bloom. Bees, butterflies, barbeques - it feels like everything is buzzing and brimming with life.

That's the old lady part of the post done. But seriously, I can't wait until I've finished education and no longer have to surrender the precious month of May to revision. I hate missing the sun shine!

May Day marks the end of winter and the beginning of summer. Girls are supposed to wash their faces in the early morning dew of the first of May to ensure beautiful skin for the rest of the year! Then of course there's the traditional dancing round the May pole which always reminds me of that beautiful scene from Tess and the d'Urbervilles when Tess and Angel first meet.

I didn't dance round a May pole this year, but I did wear a flower garland in my hair earlier, to show my enthusiasm for the beginning of summer (I won't hasten to add that the garland wasn't made from real flowers but bought from Primark)!


  1. I used to love Maypole dancing when I was in the Brownies all those years ago. Really pretty photos, and love that hairband xx

  2. I'm a may baby (yay!). love the flower hairband

  3. Definitely loved a bit of maypole dancing at primary school, ha.

    Flowers look lovely on you :)