Friday, June 17

growing my own - a veg update

A while ago I rambled on about plans for a vegetable patch in our small suburban garden.
We planted some stuff
and then the sun came out - more sunshine than April usually gives us - and everything grew. Grew so fast you could almost settle down in a deckchair and watch it. Tomatoes, courgette plants, rocket, lettuce, spring onions, shallots, strawberries. Here's how it's all looking.

 planting diddy plants in a bleak wintery patch

spring starts to work its magic

now the raised bed is groaning with produce!

after consuming more than our fair share of salad we let the rocket plants flower because they're pretty

all the other flowers loved the sunshine too

I think the best way to learn how to grow your own is just to take the plunge and do it. It probably takes a few years before you really get it right - know where to grow things in the right places, and how to position them, and feed them. I can't wait to have my own flourishing vegetable garden when I'm older and be able to grow most of the fruit & veg I eat. I don't care how much of a granny I sound - I care about the planet, I love food and things just taste better homegrown.
There'll be more veg-orientated posts coming - I'm sorry if gardening makes you yawn!

And yes, that's right, pink crocs. I'm still shocked by my own fashion crime... They're my gardening shoes! (oh god)

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