Sunday, November 6

I love Sundays #2


Cycling across the fields through the early morning autumnal mist, seeing the horses in their winter jackets

Going for a late afternoon walk before the light fades, picking the best looking leaves, admiring the newly wintered skyline

Shopping for wellies and wellie socks!

Sparklers outside, the evening air full of bonfire smoke and spice

Roast dinner, with brussel sprouts and roasted squash. Enough said.

Baking another fruit streusel pie to serve up and enjoy in front of Downton Abbey

(On Sundays it's ok to be like a granny.)


  1. You are my kindred spirit. Sundays are my favourite day. So lazy and relaxed. Especially in Autumn. Having a roast dinner and an open fire is life's greatest joy!

    Claire xx

  2. I spent most of my Sunday crocheting. Granny success!

    Sounds like yours was pretty near perfect.

  3. I'm all for being a granny at this time of year!

    Country walks, baking, snuggling up with hot chocolate and a good book...

    Yep, old before my time! heehee! :D xx

  4. Hi Kate! I just discovered your blog via Tumblr, it's just lovely :)