Sunday, November 13

I love Sundays #3

that age old cliche of kicking through the autumn leaves

a big fat slice of sticky date and walnut cake

and a Sunday afternoon cappucino

then walking home as the sun set

I've had a lazy Sunday (and Saturday) in preparation for what will be a long and busy week: lots of shifts at work, including the grand arrival of Father Christmas to his garden centre grotto next Saturday - it's going to be chaos. Head down, think of the Christmas break - that's my motto.

This weekend I did manage to get my Mum to cut my ridiculously long hair (it was down to my waist and any layers had turned to wisps) to all one length, very sixties-looking. She also dyed my roots. Eagle eyed readers of this blog will know my hair is shiny blonde, but alas it's all an act as I'm a natural dishwater (especially during the sunless winter months). Garnier Nutrisse is my best friend! Anyway I quite like being able to get a cut and colour for free, all from the comfort of my own home! It's handy having an amazing Mum.

Other than that I have just been working in my sketchbooks, drinking vast mugs of green tea and eating tender-cooked beef puff pastry pie, as well as our traditional roast dinner, the most amazing Greek almond cookies (to be blogged about soon) and the biggest apples you ever saw. Sundays were made for slobbing.

Also, wasn't today's sunshine beautiful?


  1. That sunset photo is gorgeous! Eek I'm dreading the shifts I'll be given over christmas, just gotta think of the money eh? Hope your week isnt too bad!
    I always cut my fringe because it grows so quickly but get my Mum to cut it if the whole lot needs a trim! I can't believe your hair was so long, I love long hair :) Tender cooked beef pie sounds divine, wish I'd had that for dinner. Your Sunday sounds perfect to me, as usual! xx

  2. Your pictures have just described my perfect Sunday!

    This afternoon I tried a Starbucks Mocha praline Christmas drink and had a chocolate brownie with it! Talk about chocolate overload :D xx

  3. perfect Sunday, they should always be about walks and cake! xxx

  4. you're so lovely. I wish I were in England this time of year. I adore autumn! x x lovely post. tess

  5. Love your photos! The sunset is especially beautiful xxx