Thursday, September 27

Just a minute... in September

I've just finished The Fortnight in September by RC Sherriff - very timely! Really loved this book, it was such an honest and unpatronising portrayal of ordinary people, touching and funny in its simplicity. One of those books where not much happens, but all the more brilliant for that.
Next up: The New Moon With The Old by Dodie Smith. High hopes for the author of my all-time favourite book.

Listening to
My autumn playlist which I recently compiled and will post up soon. Also, the new Killers album! The Killers have been a favourite of mine since they first started out when I was about twelve. I'm still not sure about their new one though - it's a shame a lot the album's inspiration is drawn from the eighties, i.e. worst decade in music ever.

Suddenly there is so much good stuff on telly! Completely obsessed with The Great British Bake Off (and James' jumpers), spend Monday nights feeling stupid in front of University Challenge, have been plunged back into the glory that is Downton Abbey (best accompanied with a bowl of apple crumble), need to catch up on the new series of Grand Designs, and was glued to Parade's End. Benedict Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall are two very beautiful human beings.

My bank account is hating me at the moment. I'm desperately in need of new autumn/winter staples so treated myself to some of the beautiful Orla Kiely dresses at Uniqlo, as well as a pair of leather Urban Outfitters Chelsea boots. I also found a Laura Ashley cardigan in a local charity shop for £5! There seems to be a lot of stuff I 'need' at the moment...hurry up Christmas!

Seeing the trees start to change, remembering how nice roasted butternut squash is.

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  1. I thought I was the only one watching Parade's End. There is something so devastatingly beautiful about Benedict Cumberbatch, and he was amazing in this adaptation. Cx