Tuesday, September 18

On the farm

During our Dorset-Devon-Cornwall sojourn (which now seems a million years ago), we enjoyed a really lovely stay at Spiller's Farm, a farm and bed & breakfast near Axminster, Devon. We wanted to visit the River Cottage Canteen and needed somewhere nearby to stop the night. We were lucky to find somewhere so nice.

There was a walk around the farm lake with the owners' dog Merryck, who was friendly and full of character; a flock of curious sheep with wise faces and bouncy woollen coats; a glorious Aga-cooked breakfast with homegrown tomatoes, homemade jam, hand-cured bacon and sausages; clusters of ducks and hens roaming about; a ramble through another farm and up the nearby Musbury Hill with its sea-view'd summit; fruit trees groaning with produce and a garden full of beautiful flowers; and in the morning, snuffling their way around the straw of their pen, a litter of ten, tiny, perfect newborn piglets.

My mum grew up on a dairy farm, and I may have been born and bred amongst the bustle and noise of London, but I think I'm a country girl at heart too.

Take a look at Spiller's Farm here if you're ever looking to stay in the area. It's highly recommended!

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