Tuesday, November 13

Autumn days & Newcastle

I've been trying to make the most of autumn. It's a season that always seems to slip past so quickly and suddenly you're thinking about Christmas before the colours have even turned. I want to slow down and savour everything - the yellows, reds, golds, the constant soft rain of leaves, leaves in the air, leaves underfoot. The scent of crisp blue mornings and misty purple evenings. Autumn feels extra beautiful this year, I'm not sure whether it's because we were deprived of a nice summer, or we've just been lucky, but there've been some absolutely lovely days and the best mix of sunshine and frost.

I've been watching the trees change on sunny morning runs, I've been going for dusky walks, cooking and eating butternut squash, reinstating the evening hot chocolate habit. I've been to parks and gardens, I've found the perfect orange leaves in Kew. I've had coffees and soups and stews. I've walked around parts of London, gone to an art exhibition, taken a lot of photographs.

Below are some photos from a brief trip to Newcastle to visit my friend at uni, where the woolly jumpers came out and a lot of cappuccinos were consumed. The first few are of Jesmond Dene, a pretty area just outside of the city centre with lots of trees, a river and a little petting zoo! The rest are of Newcastle's moody architecture and its huge, impressive bridges.


  1. these are gorgeous photos x

  2. I've been enjoying Autumn so much this year. Chilly, sunny days are the absolute best.

  3. Beautiful photos; sadly where I live the beautiful leaves have come and gone nothing left but branches.

  4. Funny you should say that about Autumn as I was thinking the exact same thing. This year Autumn has seemed so much more beautiful than normal and I have found the tress are turning a true golden colour that I haven't noticed as much in previous years. And a big YES to woolly jumpers and lots of coffee!