Tuesday, November 27

Leaves, life

These photos were taken on a Sunday walk a couple of weeks ago, before the rain and floods came. Those trees are wading in a big soggy lake now. All the leaves on the ground have turned to mush and any that were left on the trees have been blown away by the filthy weather. So autumn is all but over. I'm trying to resign myself to the prospect of four months of cold toes, chapped lips, uncoordinated knitwear, and stumbling through the short days from one hot cuppa to another. Oh, winter.

But at least there are Christmas festivities to look forward to.

On an unrelated topic, I was reading the blog of photographer and student Helena the other day and found myself enthusiastically nodding along to one of her posts, where she was talking about what to do when you want to do it all. She said:

"I would like to be a writer. But of course I would like to stay a photographer as well. So I would like to do both.
And then I would also like to be a designer, too, please.
Can we have it all? Can we do it all? Can we gain all the skills?"

Like Helena, I would love to be a photographer & writer, as well as venture into art and graphic design (oh and set design, motion and animation, illustration, to name but a few...), but also like Helena I'm worried about spreading myself too thin. I still haven't gone to university, because I have too many interests. I've figured out that the smartest thing to do would be an art foundation year of sorts, then I can make a more informed decision and pick one thing. Helena sums it up well when she says, "I don’t want to end up as a ridiculous do-it-all person, and actually do nothing because it all sucks. I want to be good at one thing. Or maybe two. And then be really good at this."

It's good to have lots of interests but not so good to try and do it all. I want to be able to work really hard at one thing and do well in it, so that it can become the thing that earns me my bread and coffee, and gets me up in the morning. It doesn't mean I can't continue my writing, photography, illustration, on the side  - and if there's anything in them, and anything ever comes of them, then that'll be jolly nice too.  


  1. I feel exactly the same. I think trying things out and seeing what works but then developing stronger skills in that certain area is definitely the best thing...but, its just a case of finding that thing that you are better at then everything else.
    I do feel like right now I am trying to be a jack of all trades rather then a master of one (or two) but I guess it comes with time and practise. x

  2. Lovely photos. I feel like the pretty leaves have stuck around for a bit longer this year... I totally hear you on the not spreading yourself too thin. I keep trying to cut back and focus, but I think I'm naturally drawn to doing a lot of things at one time - so I've resigned myself to not ever being master of one thing, but perhaps I can be passable at a lot of things instead. Wish I was a focused person! x