Sunday, January 13

A stylish lady

I was in John Lewis yesterday when I noticed a very stylish lady standing near me. She looked just how I hope to look when I'm older (and it was nice to be inspired by somebody who isn't in their twenties for once). Monochrome colours - sounds dull but it worked - sharp lines, a brilliant hairstyle and the most gorgeous glasses.

I am full of that annoying January spirit - the one that makes you want to start afresh, yet stay under your duvet all day. I keep beginning lists of things to change, and then giving up and crawling back into my pyjamas. I need focus and sunshine. Oh spring, where are you?

Hope you all have a lovely week ahead. Keep warm!


  1. I can't imagine what I'd look like if someone in John Lewis spotted and drew me. She sounds amazing - I wonder what she looked like in her 20s.

    I've not been very well overnight and so am having a day off uni. I know I should be doing some reading or something like that but I can't seem to focus. I agree, I need some sunshine too! x

  2. She sounds like my hero, it's so inspiring to see ladies in their golden years maintaining their own style.
    You're right, it is so hard to feel motivated when it's so cold and miserable outside, I find hot mugs of apple tea and blasting my favourite albums is the only way to get through! x

  3. I love seeing older women who still have so much style and confidence - they look far more fabulous than someone much younger. I think it's the wisdom they have collected over the years x

  4. I think January and winter is for brewing. Keep pondering and when spring comes round you will be ready to ... spring.