Sunday, January 20


I don't much like British winters, but I do like the snow.

I like snow because it makes us stop and look at everything. Because it's clean. Because it's simple. Because it muffles out the suburban drone, reinstates the silence of the countryside. Because I remember childhood snow days, snowmen and snowball fights. Because of snowy Dickensian footprints along pavements and pathways, icing sugared rooftops and how everything is given a rounded edge. Because of dogs and horses with furry snow beards. Because it creates the perfect excuse to hunker down with hot chocolate and watch the snow fall slowly past the window.

I took these photos on Friday afternoon when the snow came flurried and fast, and work closed halfway through the day. It meant a walk home in a blizzard with my hardy DSLR and frozen feet. Everywhere was deserted and I was alone with that eerie silence as the snow built up thickly and steadily around me. I felt like I was in a fairy tale. It was magical.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photographs, we had very little snow here on the west coast of Wales :(

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photographs, love the gate. Makes me wish we had more snow here on the west coast of Wales :(

  3. Beautiful photos. I too love the peace that snow brings! x

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos. You're right about the silence and peace of snow falling or having fallen. I wonder why that happens; I suppose because it means so many things stop? I love the snow but I'm so looking forward to Spring, I can't wait to see flowers popping up in my garden again - I feel sad for the flowers and plants in your photos because they must be so cold! I have some tulips popping up and it makes me worry they won't make it! xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  5. Lovely photos Kate! The snow in Manchester didn't provide the same sort of beauty as this which was a shame. (I've finally entered the blogging world and I've known about your blog for a while via Twitter, I'm a little nervous about it!) Vanessa x