Monday, February 4

Fussy eater?

There are only a few foods I am really fussy about.

B r e a d   
Fresh and homemade, if not then from a bakery. Crusty, soft inside, warm, with a bit of butter or some homemade marmalade. Maybe toasted. My all time favourite thing to eat. Sliced white supermarket stuff just isn't bread. It'd do a better job as a kitchen sponge. 

P e a n u t  b u t t e r 
Always crunchy, and should never ever contain added sugar.

C o f f e e    
I still have a lot to learn but my favourite kind of coffee tastes slightly nutty. (Instant coffee is tapwater.) Strong, black, no sugar, but I like cappuccinos too. (Working in a cafe I have learnt that old people prefer filter coffees with cream on the side, mums with buggies drink lattes, spoilt children like babyccinos if only for the chocolate sprinkles, and birdwatchers like black Americanos with an extra shot.)

O r a n g e s    
That navel kind you get in January, super juicy with the most amazing flavour.

A p p l e s     
If you leave apples out in a fruit bowl they go mushy and soft, and that is very wrong. I think mushy apples would be in my Room 101. Apples must be kept in the fridge so they stay really, really crisp. I'm fond of a granny smith, and those ruby red apples with the almost translucent white flesh.

Other than that, I'll happily tuck into pretty much anything. (Except mayonnaise. And whipped cream. And scrambled egg. And banana cake. And pineapple...)


  1. So with you on apples - fridge-fresh granny smith all the way!

  2. Definitely with you on the Peanut Butter! x

  3. I adore your illustrations Kate, they are just lovely!
    Definitely in agreement about bread, I can't stand sliced white supermarket bread. For the coffee, when I do drink it (I prefer hot chocolates at the moment) I side with the mums with buggies...

  4. I'm so in love with your illustration, they are so gorgeous!

  5. I'm so fussy haha, there's a list of things I hate to eat, especially diary!

    A little bit Unique


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  6. I love this, so sweet! Just found your blog quite by accident :-):-)

  7. Your illustrations are always so charming. Love your analysis of the coffee drinkers too. I cannot bear the thought of babyccinos, but that's just me. Oh and I am with you on the apples, although I can't handle Granny Smiths. Give me a jazz or a pink lady any day, or a good old English Cox. Oh, food, I could talk about you all day long. haha!