Sunday, October 2

autumn please

So I'm participating, if minimally, in this weird hot weather - I'm wearing denim shorts and sunglasses, drinking mint tea, swimming outdoors and annoying my family by stealing licks of their ice creams ("hey Mum, you know I don't really *like* ice cream, but I'd just like a taste...").

However, 30 degrees in October!? What's going on? Unpopular opinion alert, but I don't like it! I like the seasons to rise and fall when they should, and this heatwave is unsettling me. I know the sunshine is making most people happy but am I really alone in wishing autumn would arrive?

Early autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year, with all its mists and mellow fruitfulness, golden dewy mornings and trees of red and orange. And we're missing out on all this because summer has decided to rear its head two months too late. Noo, not cool.

The garden is getting confused with all the hot sun, and lots of plants are trying to reflower. Oh, and we've got a new friend - every time I go out there to mow the lawn or tidy things up, this little robin comes out to say hello.

He flits about while I'm pottering, and likes to show off. Every time he gets a bit bolder, and actually stopped within a metre or two of me yesterday, so I was able to get the camera out. I think robins like having their photos taken!

Anyway, there are some signs that autumn isn't far off:

Trees are losing their green hues, the shadows are getting longer and there are pine cones and conkers everywhere.

 I'm off to make some blackberry tea and dream of autumn and all the apple crumbles and woolly scarves it involves - who wants to join me?

(P.S. I've finally updated my about me page, and added a page with all the blogs I like to read, so have a look if you're curious...)


  1. Yes I completeley agree with you, you're not alone! I love autumn and I do wish this heatwave had come in August not October! I am really looking forward to wearing my thick wooly jumpers and scarves; I'd got all my winter wardrobe ready and then had to get my summer dresses out! Pretty sure by the end of the week things will be back to normal though :) xoxo

  2. Love these photos!! I love Autumn :) x

  3. Sweet post! I like the heat but I don't understand it and i'd rather it be gone. x hivenn