Thursday, October 27

a colourful month

We went for a walk and a cuppa the other afternoon. I took my camera, and while we were out I noticed all kinds of crazy un-autumnal colours which seemed to belong more to April than October!

I love how surprisingly well the purple and the yellow compliment each other.

We also noticed some amazing rays of sunshine streaming down from the sky...

and I went tree climbing (it looked irresistably fun), doing my twelve year old tomboy self proud (although these days I'm much more of a wimp when it comes to jumping back down)

Happy autumn!


  1. Such lovely pictures. I especially like the purple berries! It's been a funny Autumn hasn't it, very mild and quite sunny at times. Haha! I sound the weather man :D xx

  2. What gorgeous photos - the colours are great and the photos with the light are amazing.