Sunday, October 30

I love Sundays #1

because of that precious extra hour in bed

because I had fun carving pumpkins for Halloween (I don't even really celebrate Halloween, I just like pumpkin carving)

because of a damp October afternoon walk, drizzly but still atmospheric, where I discovered hidden passages and noticed even more colours in the autumn trees

because I wore my favourite stag jumper that's only allowed out in the months up to Christmas

because of a seriously good dinner: beef pot roast with butternut squash, leeks, carrots and onion, all cooked long and slow so that it was tender and succulent, soft and nutrituous, and just good

because I baked flapjacks again, first a plain syrup batch and then a dark chocolate and orange blossom honey batch - delicious

because Monday's looking promising - I'm seeing a best friend who's home from uni and then finally getting to do some life drawing at my evening art class

Happy Sunday, and may your week ahead be a good one!

P.S because too many people complain that Sundays are boring/depressing/pointless, when actually Sundays can be lovely
P.P.S with the shorter days come the rubbishly lit photographs...


  1. I love reading your posts, I think I basically want your life - flapjacks, drizzly walks, cosy jumpers and pot roasts; what's not to love!

  2. I love all your reasons, and you have some serious pumpkin carving skillz! Love your jumper too :) xx

  3. This is my kind of Sunday! I love the stag jumper, actually I basically love anything that features a stag or a bird (random!) :) xx

  4. I agree with Rosie, it sounds so perfect!
    I love your stag jumper and your dinner is making me so hungry! I usually just make plain syrup flapjacks but chocolate and orange sounds divine :) xoxo

  5. these photos are definitely for sundays! i love all your reasons too, and the stag jumper.. don't just save it for christmas wear it for EVERYTHING! following your blog now, your photos are awesome x