Thursday, July 19

A month of snapshots

Lots of rainy days to be had. I can't wait for some sunshine, but there is something lovely about pottering around at home while the rain is tumbling past the windows. Jugs of fresh flowers everywhere to remind myself it's still summer. Making my room as cosy as possible. Venturing out for coffee sometimes. Learning how to use a sewing machine and making myself a skirt.

It doesn't always rain. Catching the warmth of the sun on flowers when I'm out and about, a happy remembrance that it is summer. Days and days of cloud and rain make those moments of sunshine all the sweeter.

Last weekend I saw Bruce Springsteen perform in Hyde Park. The clouds parted for a little while just as he came on stage to perform a beautiful acoustic Thunder Road. Then later, the rain rolled in again, but it didn't matter. We danced through a torrential downpour. Bruce is amazing. The show was brilliant (despite the now infamous sound switch-off at the end - a terrible decision, even if I think Paul McCartney is a bit awful). Those are my boots pre-show and post-show. Things got a bit muddy.

Before the show, we caught the Tube to Tower Bridge to see the Olympic rings and the Shard. I have to confess I'm not hugely excited for the Olympics, but I do think the rings look good. The Shard on the other hand... not a fan!


  1. Love these pictures! They're so beautiful!

    Pip x

  2. Ohh im so envious you got to see Bruce Springsteen! My friend Francis was working at that show and he said it was incredible! Haha I was never a big Paul fan, Paul McCartney just loves being Paul McCartney.

    These photos are dreamy, I love the sweet williams. Ohhh please do a post on your skirt! I would love to try my hand at making a similar one! I'm giving my sewing machine the silent treatment at the minute, dreams of creating my own attire always dissolves into strings of swears at a jammed thread in the bobbin :(