Sunday, July 29

London 2012!

I have to admit, I haven't really been that excited about the Olympics. It seems shrouded in commercialisation and corporate rubbish, apparently it's costing London taxpayers a fortune, the Games rarely leave the host nation in profit, not to mention they built that unforgivably ugly Olympic Tower...

But I'm moaning. Not a good habit. And it's a shame to let all the negatives distract from the positive things the Games are bringing. Enthusiasm, a sense of celebration, people encouraged to get up and exercise. Wasn't the Opening Ceremony was amazing? Considering I'm completely alien to the concept of 'patriotism' and 'Team GB' even I was feeling pretty proud of the UK on Friday night, and dare I say it, a bit more excited. And the lighting of the Olympic cauldron was beautiful.

To take part in a bit of London's history I went and saw the Olympic torch on the last day of its long journey. This involved getting up before 6am on Friday morning and cycling four miles to Bushy Park. It sounds awful. But it was really lovely cycling through the Park in the still hours before the daytime rush, breathing in that early summer morning smell.

I saw the torch (behind lots of arms, heads and other people's cameras).

I don't think the geese were very impressed.

Then we pedalled off (or rather moved slowly in a throng of people) down the road to Hampton Court to see the torch embark upon its last leg along the Thames. It was so busy here that I didn't see much - apart from lots of boats, bunting and an enthralled dog! - so I just held my camera above my head and hoped for the best. It's times like these that my mum's 5'10 genes would've come in handy.

Off it went toward the Olympic Park!

The park looks stunning with all the wildflowers, and I can't wait to visit once the hubbub is all over.


  1. I'm really happy with the Olympics too, because even though it's going to cost us loads, and it's really busy in London at the moment, I still think we did such a good job of the opening cermony and brining people together! Beautiful pictures, I love the ones where you focused on the arms of the people around you, I think they really capture the atmosphere!

    Pip x

    Pip x

  2. That dog wearing the British flag is amazing. Fantastic photos Cx

  3. Great photos, beautiful park too. I caught the torch as it went past the Southbank on the boats, probably a few hours after you took these photos. They went by so fast though I could hardly see a thing! x