Tuesday, July 31

Just a minute in July

One day during the heatwave I sat under the shade of the apple tree and read the whole of Alice Walker's The Color Purple. I read a section of it as background material for A level English and was put off by the dialect it's written in, but this time around I fell in love with it. Such an empowering, heartwarming book, with all the atmosphere of a hot American summer.  

Listening to
Bruce Springsteen's Wrecking Ball album - firmly in the honeymoon period with this one, I have to listen to songs from it every day - and Paul Simon's Graceland.

Some of the Olympics coverage - mainly tennis (not sure why it's an Olympic sport but it's basically like Wimbledon again so I'm not complaining), and a bit of track, swimming and gymnastics.

I'm trying to watch the pennies at the moment due to a reduction in work hours, but I did find lots of good secondhand books for 50p each - summer holiday reading sorted. I also bought some chocolate flavoured tea which I'm pretty excited about trying!

Phoebe Wahl's illustrations, all the bees and butterflies enjoying the lavender outside, writing lists, and almond milk.


These three images belong to the gorgeously talented Phoebe Wahl. 


  1. I love your 'Just a minute in' posts, I always look forward to them! I adore those illustrations, the last one in particular is so lovely! X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  2. These are beautiful illustrations! Totally agree with you on Paul Simon's Graceland album, it's the absolute best! :)


  3. Such a lovely picture, and Phoebe Wahl's work is amazing, thank you for sharing! I love posts like this :)

    Pip x

  4. Beautiful illustrations. Love the rosy cheeks! Graceland is a firm favourite album too, always on in my parents' car when I was a kid x