Wednesday, July 6

And the livin' is easy: songs for summer

June, 2016.

I made a playlist.

A month of midsummer rain, of Brexit despair, of bearded footballers, of Bruce and the best nights of my life, of elks and airports and black leather boots and frozen yoghurt, of political and social combustions, of burrowing deep into rock and roll music.

It's July now. As I type, Federer's about to be blown out of Wimbledon (update: epic comeback!). A crocodile-teared Blair has just had his own reputation blown to smithereens by Chilcot. The Corbyn 'chicken coup' continues, hopefully in vain. Leave politicians are fleeing the stinking ship of xenophobia and bigotry now that it's somehow successfully left port. Next month I move to California. The sunshine is steady again, but the ground, everywhere, feels much less so.

At least there's always music.


And the livin' is easy: songs for the summer:


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