Monday, July 25

Liner notes | 03

I've done a fair bit of travelling about this past few weeks and I want to write about the places I've seen. But right now I'm running on four hours sleep, sitting under an apple tree eating strawberries, unable to do much else. So here's some lazy liner notes instead.


1. I don't know why it took me so long to get to the Barbican Conservatory. It's free and there are cacti and terrapins. What's not to love?

2. This whole outfit came from charity shops and was apparently 'a little bit Emmy, a little bit Gram, a little bit Flying Burrito Bros'.

3. London in summer: beer, rain, heat, football, rooftops.

4. I watched my aunt roll and smoke a joint onstage to the strains of Woody Guthrie.
Come, love, and we'll go ramblin'
Down where the lights are so bright
I'll win you a divorce from your husband
And we can get married tonight

5. Records and sea salt candles, to soothe the post-Brexit soul.

6, 7. Sometimes a cycle through the park to town to get iced coffee is all you really need in life. 

8. A recent eBay find: the same boots Bruce Springsteen wore in 1978. I can't take them off.

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  1. i'm loving those boots so much <3 and also, great post! i love its simplicity.

    alexius xx.
    organic hearts