Wednesday, July 13

Liner notes | 02

1. Spent the first five months of the year studying a lot; sometimes with bluebells and iced coffee

2. 'Hey, I've got nothing to do today but smile...'

3.  Another study spot, this time with grapefruit and black coffee

4. From frosty early morning January swims, to tan backs and bright turquoise waters

5. Birthday treats. In May I saw Phil Cook play London's 100 Club. As my friend Isabelle says, his album Southland Mission is 'actual, literal summer'. It's infectious sun-dappled joy.

6. Room At The Top: the first post-exams summer read
'If flesh had a taste, hers, I imagine, would be like new milk. I fell in love with her at first sight. I use the conventional phrase like a grammalogue in shorthand, to express in a small space all the emotions she evoked in me.'
'I got a room at the top tonight
I can see everything tonight
I got a room where everyone can have a drink
And forget those things that went wrong in their life' 
7. It's pretty overwhelming how many places in the US I want to see next year

8. Took my kick flares for a walk

9. Nowhere beats Richmond Park in early summer


  1. Beautiful photos! Love the simplicity of this post so much :)

    Nabeela x

  2. beautiful post with beautiful pictures!! (and your room looks so adorable).

    alexius xx.
    organic hearts