Friday, January 7

Small changes

Yesterday it bucketed it down all day, fat cold & almost snowy raindrops. I just wanted to take shelter at home, so I decided to tackle the first thing on my 2011 list, and rearranged my bedroom.
This involved lots of banging, scraping, manoeuvring, shuffling and swearing (lord knows what the neighbours thought I was up to) plus a heck of a lot of dust to hoover up. But as sad as it may be, I love doing things like this... I'll get my coat.

So I've now made room for the new telly I've decided to purchase. We are a household of many and often differing tastes (football vs River Cottage vs my dad's obsession with Nazi war programmes), and I'm tired of battling over the TV schedule. At last I'll be able to watch my dramas, cookery programmes, and geeky BBC4 docs without causing WWIII!
Anyway, almost breaking my back heaving a huge bookshelf over stubborn uneven floorboards was worth it. My room feels so much bigger and I have to admit it was quite fun waking up in a slightly different place.

Photos © Kate M 

It sounds mental, but even small changes like reorganising your furniture can be surprisingly rejuvenating!

P.S. A big thank you to Gem for mentioning me on her blog and an even bigger hello to my followers. Everyone I've come across on the blogosphere so far seems absolutely lovely and I love reading your comments. In the next few days I'll post about some of my current favourite blogs/posts for you to explore! x


  1. Nothing like moving your room around. I did mine in November and I now have so much more space. Only problem is I never want to leave it after the holidays are over. :(

    Happy New Year! x

  2. The lights look so lovely, and I absolutely love your blog layout!

  3. your room looks really nice and cozy. [:
    thanks for your sweet comment.

  4. your room looks adoooorable! I spruced up mine a bit cos I wanted a (Sort of) new start for the new year.. nothing some fairylights & wall decorations wont sort out ;)

  5. I absolutely love rearranging my room, I did it two or three times in my room in halls - sadly I think I've achieved the optimum layout with my room now...

  6. I love your ring holder. I aswell love the feeling of a newly arranged room, all organised and clean. I feel i can sleep better aswell when everything is all neat and organised! x