Monday, January 24

the Everyman Cinema Club

"Roman Polanski once remarked that Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theatre. So where can you enjoy a cinematic experience, where you can enjoy cupcakes and chocolate raisins or swap your soft drink for a nice glass of red wine, and where the cinema almost feels like a home from home? This is where Everyman steps in."

A better class of cinema

Last Saturday I went to see The King's Speech at a branch of The Everyman Cinema Club, my favourite cinema chain. Forget the sticky seats and popcorn carpeted floors of the cinema giants like Odeon and Vue - Everyman is where you can really enjoy a film.

I always prefer smaller chains to big ones. They're more personal, and you usually get better value for money. At my local Odeon I fork out around £9 for a ticket only to sit in a huge, usually mostly empty, cinema with a tub of overpriced stale popcorn and a fizzy drink I don't really want. There's no community vibe, no sense of people in the same room appreciating a good film together. You just feel like a mug handing over a lot of money to a corporation who's rubbing its hands with glee.

The feeling at an Everyman cinema is different. My local branch is small, but you don't get irritated by the foyer bustling full of people because there is a general air of friendliness and fun. 1940s swing music hums along in the background as you purchase your tickets and make your way to a coffee bar. Here, as well as your typical popcorn and sweets, they offer hot chocolate or a glass of wine, which you're allowed to drink during the movie. Heavenly!
And considering the Everyman is a more 'arty' London chain, nothing is overpriced. My ticket cost £8 which is cheaper than going to the Odeon. Let's just say the Odeon have lost one of their customers!

The screen itself is smaller than usual (at my local branch at least) which may bother some, although it doesn't trouble me in the slightest. Good cinematography is good cinematography whatever the size of the screen. The seats are super comfortable, too - soft cushioned velvet - and if you're lucky enough to visit the Everyman Hampstead you take your pick of pink squashy sofas instead!

The best thing about the Everyman though, even after the swing music and hot chocolate and velvet seats, is the atmosphere. I don't know whether it's just the kind of audience they attract, but you get the feeling that people there - staff included - really appreciate their film. There's no irritating whispering, loud children or constant sweet rustling. Often, the audience clap at the end - a small touch I love.

So if you live in the London area, or happen to be visiting, and want to go to the movies - think Everyman! You won't want to leave!
Visit their website here.


  1. We have the same thing - albeit more of a chain - in York, called Picturehouse. There's one in Cambridge as well, and I'm sure there are more. They have a better quality of films on their listings, and I just appreciate being somewhere where you know it's not just as an accompaniment to the biggest bag of popcorn ever conceived by man.

  2. Wow, I'd never even heard of such a chain! Unfortunately, living in Essex would mean I'd have to buy a train ticket too, upping the price. But I'll keep it in mind for any future London outings, it looks fab.

    Rosie x

  3. I wish all cinemas looked like this.. Odeon is the best big chain I've come across, and that's saying something as it's RUBBBBBBBISH. Overpriced, dirty, sticky, and filled with horny kids, urghhh.

  4. how cool! in my town all we have is a trashy 5 screen theatre and the employees are a bunch of bratty high schoolers.

  5. When one goes to an Everyman or Curzon Cinema is is all about sitting with people who have the same thing in mind...Seeing a film.

    I destest mobile phones being left on and people noshing their way through a film.
    Cinema-going is all about watching a movie and these cinemas are ideal.