Friday, January 14

Thoughts on... Memory

We're lucky we have the capacity to remember as much as we can. But doesn't it ever scare you to think that the older we get, the more we'll forget? I don't mean general old-age forgetfulness/senility, just that our brains can't store every single detail from our lives. As our age increases, some things will naturally fade from the dusty recesses of our minds. I've already forgotten a lot of what it meant to be six, for example. And one day I won't remember what it was like to be eighteen.

It's like when you wake up from a vivid dream, and as you try and piece it back together, the memory of it slips like grains of sand through your hands until it's completely disappeared.

Thinking about this makes me doubly sad for anybody who has had any kind of experience with Alzheimer's disease. It must be very hard when somebody you love forgets who you are :(

Memories can trick us, tempt us, teach us, make us smile, make us sad... they're incredibly valuable. I remember reading about the possibility of a drug that removes bad memories from the mind. Reams could be written on the ethical implications of this drug (is it taking things too far, would it be beneficial for post traumatic stress disorder sufferers, etc...) but I'm fairly sure I would never want it. What about you? Would you ever consider taking such a pill?

Anyway, enough of this seriousness. I updated my Deviant Art with some of my old GCSE art work (including something I painted when I was a wee 8 year old). take a look!
Check out my Flickr and too, and feel free to add me. I always like making new friends :)

Currently listening to this song on repeat - it reminds me of summer (and makes me long for it). Mild wet boring Januarys should not be allowed!

This has been a bit of a sentimental and sombre post. guess it's just one of those kinda days!
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  1. Such a nice thought provoking post! I would never take a pill to erase bad memories...they are what makes us stronger! :D xx

  2. I don't think I'd consider it either- everything's relative so we couldn't appreciate the good memories without the bad. And what if a good memory is linked to a bad memory- how does this pill deal with that?!! Sounds like it could be useful to some people but definitely too scary for me.

    Also is your calendar the Paris one? I have the same hanging in the kitchen!xx

  3. I remember reading an article about that pill too. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, emotionally. Great post xx

  4. I thought about this earlier - there's an article in the Independent today about the state of old people's homes in England and since there's a history of alzheimers in my family I'm really worried about it :S

    That drug and films like 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind' make me happy I can still cherish my memories - both good and bad. I still need to start taking more photos though - at least when I'm old I'll be able to look back on my own life and have something to help fill in the blanks.

    Sorry, my comments well depressing! but this was a great post :) xxZ

  5. I really like this post I was just walking home and thinking about doing a memory style post and then I've read this, it was lovely xxx

  6. @Seanna
    aw thank you two! i 100% agree with you both.

    @Emily Charlotte
    yeah you've pretty much summed it up, and good point about not appreciating the good without the bad. and my calendar is of vintage movie posters haha, but it's probably from the same range as yours!

    i really should watch eternal sunshine again! but yes definitely take more photos, it's the best and quickest way of documenting the past :D

    thank you :) you should still do a memory post too, it would be really interesting to read about it from somebody else's point of view, especially because it's such a subjective issue.