Wednesday, June 13

Just a minute in... June

To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. I can't decide if I like her prose or not...there are some wonderful long descriptive sentences, but I find her stream-of-consciousness style really annoying at times - not to mention I'm halfway through the book and only about half an hour of time seems to have passed in the story.

Listening to...
Jake Bugg, who sounds like a young Bob Dylan for my generation. His song Lightning Bolt is catchy.

Not much, apart from the tennis - excited for Wimbledon! The football is now dominating our telly, not that it matters because there's hardly anything worth watching on. Quite intrigued by the programmes about the history of London's streets though; I'm a sucker for sentimental old footage. And have heard rumours that the next series of The Hour and The Great British Bake Off are soon on their way...yippee!

Vintage delights after a day spent around Brick Lane. And Nigel Slater's Tender vol. I. An all-time favourite writer of mine. His arrival on Twitter is just joyful.

All the gorgeous vintage packaging released for the jubilee.
Spending time in the kitchen. Lamb stew with cannelini beans, turnips, green beans and rosemary. Giant salt and pepper breadsticks.Turkey, leek and parsley puff pastry pie. Spaghetti with roasted vegetables and basil. Marmalade. Lemon and pepper crusted white fish. Summer berry bakewell tart.
Sunday morning routines - fetching the papers, smell of toast, coffee percolator gurgling, pottering around the garden.
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  1. I read 'To the Lighthouse' last summer and felt the same... didn't feel like I 'got' it, although I liked parts of it. Apparently it's one of those books that you only really appreciate on a second read twenty years later (according to an essay I read by Margaret Atwood).

    I DID read 'Mrs Dalloway' this semester for uni though and it's now one of my favourite books. Really beautiful. So stick with her :)


  2. I'm glad I'm not the only person to have slightly gone over the top when I saw the retro cereal packaging. (You may have not gone over the top but...) I do love them so. It's just a shame that they only come in 750g packets - I can't eat that much before it goes soft!!!

    I recently read 'A Room of One's Own' which I enjoyed but I'm eager to read some of Woolf's fiction; it seems to be a bit like marmite - you love or loathe it!

    You take really beautiful photographs!

  3. You take such beautiful photographs. :-)