Sunday, June 24

Vintage in East London

There are some lovely streets and buildings in East London. Look past the smart-suited bankers swarming along Liverpool Street, past the clusters of hipsters meandering back and forth between vintage shops off Brick Lane, and you'll find Dickensian-looking terraces, ragged bunting flapping against iron lampposts, old churches and retro typography. I even spotted Carrie of WishWishWish being snapped down a photogenic side street (red umbrella'd lady to the right!).

We did hit the vintage shops too. Beyond Retro is probably the best - you're guaranteed to find something in there, be it a floral dress, knitted jumper, culottes, a playsuit or an old American sweater, and the prices are relatively decent. Some vintage shops try too hard and are full of unoriginal sixteen year old hipsters and obscure pounding music. But other shops are more my cup of tea - forties music humming away, knick knacks and old books perched precariously on every available surface. Look out for spontaneous basement sales where you might find the odd special bargain...

All photos lazily swiped off my Instagram. I couldn't live without that app at the moment (how predictable) because I always have my iphone on me and it's just so easy to use. Anyway, I didn't want to lug my dslr around the shops (lazy girl excuses)...

I'm spending all of today on my laptop, reading the papers and consuming hot drink after hot drink whilst outside it switches from sunny blue skies to gales and rainstorms every five minutes. Hankering after some summer weather, or a ticket somewhere hot. I haven't been abroad for two years, and my list of countries to visit just grows longer...I envy any of you preparing to jet off somewhere exciting!


  1. It looks amazing! Love the photos, so beautiful :)xx

  2. I love old buildings- beautifully captured xx

  3. Your photos are beautiful, definatly going to look properly next time i'm in London.

  4. Beautiful photos! Can't believe you saw Carrie from Wishwishwish, did you say hello?

    Pip x