Friday, June 22

Thank you, Mr Postman

Two lovely deliveries last week.

My belated birthday present from my parents - a Cambridge satchel. Because I am a brown leather satchel kind of girl. I've never spent more than about £20 on a bag so I'm quite excited by this. It smells beautiful and it's embossed with my surname initials. It probably won't leave my side for the next few years, hopefully it will become battered and homely and well-loved.

Nigel Slater's Tender vol.1. I have wanted this for a long long time, ever since I fell head over heels for The Kitchen Diaries, Toast, and his prose in general. And I like growing things and eating them. So I finally went ahead and ordered it, just as a nice treat. O it's heavenly.


  1. Those satchels make me swoon every time I see one! What a lovely present! :)

  2. I love the Cambridge Satchels :)

    Jess x

  3. Ohhhh im so very envious of you bag! It is dreamy! I want to come live in it. I have a similar one I got from Morocco made of camel skin O_O! (my mum was very disapproving- she is a big ol' vegetarian hippy who doesnt even believe in leather let alone camel skin bags!)

    Happy summer solstice too by the way! xxxx

    ps Nigel Slater = absolute dreamboat

  4. Ooooh, what a gorgeous bag!! I bet it will get even better with age. And I bought that book for my Dad for his birthday, and my dog chewed the spine of it up - oops!

  5. you have bi udea how jealous of your bag i am. lucky! happy belated birthday!