Tuesday, June 5

A sunny day in the English countryside

Now I'm officially no longer a teenager I feel like it's slightly more acceptable to wax lyrical about gardens, nice views, flowers, weather, a good cup of tea, and the like. So without further ado...

My birthday fell in that spell of lovely weather at the end of May (seems like a dream now) and original plans to spend the day gallivanting around London were thrown out of the window in favour of a jaunt to the countryside. May is my favourite month: everywhere looks its best, full and green with all kinds of colours and flowers a-bloom. An opportunity to spend the day outside under blue skies just couldn't be passed by.

We went to Loseley Park to have a wander around their gardens and the surrounding land. The gardens were quintessentially English; lots of pink, white and purple borders, a pretty moat, long white greenhouses, lots of roses and wisteria. The main garden was walled (I have a thing for walled gardens, ever since reading The Secret Garden as a girl) and split into sections. There was an incredible herb garden with areas for household, culinary, medicinal and decorative herbs. So much colour. The organic vegetable garden put my raised bed to shame; it was groaning with variety and order, and every border flanked with pretty wildflowers. I can't wait to have the space and know-how to grow sweet peas, fruit bushes, squash, potatoes, asparagus, peppers...one day!

One of my favourite gardens was the white garden where all the flowers were white or cream. It was tranquil, a bit wild, romantic, dreamy and very English.

The surrounding land is lovely too. Hills, rolling fields, the occasional splash of bright yellow rapeseed flower, cow parsley and meadowsweet lining hedgerows and country roads. Cottages, cottage gardens, small woods and lakes. Lots of birds and bicycles.

Lunch was had at the nearby Watts Gallery. The gallery, containing the art of George Frederick Watts, is amazing and the nearby church worth a visit as well. There's also a lovely gift shop and a teashop where they serve things like Welsh rarebit, bowls of soup, homemade sandwiches, tomato tart and slabs of almond cake.

Art, tea, cake and countryside. My kind of birthday!


  1. Such lovely photos! I love the countryside too :-) the teashop sounds great x

  2. The gardens look beautiful, I definitely need to get out of London and see more of these pretty places :) x

  3. You are a gal after my own heart! That really sounds like a dreamy day! Cow Parsely is one of my favourites (and one of our beloved Monty's too apparently!) although my mum hates it when i bring cow parsely into the house because it used to be called 'mothers die'! Apparently tis from an old folk story and is supposed to deter children from picking the flowers in case they picked poisonous hemlock by mistake.

    Rapeseed meadows always reminds me of when i was travelling in Italy last year- they have endless fields and fields of sunflowers! They were so beautiful ;( sobb

  4. What gorgeous photos, I love the English countryside, nothing can beat it!

  5. What a great way to spend your Birthday. Loseley Park is such a beautiful place and even better in the sunshine (it is just around the corner from me).

    Hope you had a great weekend.


  6. Lets hope that weather comes back quickly. Seems you had a happy birthday.

  7. The weather was so gorgeous wasn't it? I want it to come back, sick of all this horrible rain again! You're lucky to have had your birthday on such a lovely day :) it looks beautiful!

    Lou xx 
    Bits & Bobs

  8. Your photos are stunning and the location is gorgeous! I'm adding it to my growing list of places to visit this summer! So glad I've found your blog, it's beautiful! :) x